SARA: IDAS Forms: New System

QLD – HENDRY building certifiers advise that the State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) commenced on 1 July 2013, making this department the single lodgement point for all development applications where the state has a jurisdiction under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. SARA provides a coordinated, whole of government approach to state development assessment for applications… (more)

AS 1428: AS 1288: Revolving Doors: Building Regulations

AUST – HENDRY building surveyors advise that it is recognised by Building Regulations that revolving doors have inherent hazards whereby the Building Code of Australia 2011 (BCA) does not permit revolving doors to serve as an exit door for evacuation purposes and they are not permitted to be installed in class 9a health care buildings and in resident use areas in class 9c… Read more