Places of Public Entertainment: Occupancy Permit: Building Regulations

VIC – HENDRY building surveyors advise that the Victorian Building Authority has issued an Interim Practice Note titled ‘Occupancy Permits for Places of Public Entertainment’. The Practice Note provides guidance concerning the places of public entertainment requirements under the Building Act 1993 and their application to sporting, recreational and other activities and events conducted by community-based organisations in outdoor places greater than… Read more

Multi-Storey Residential – Warranty Insurance Exemption

VIC – HENDRY building surveyors advise that the Victorian Building Authority has issued a Practice Note 2014-01 Multi-Storey Residential Buildings – Warranty Insurance Exemption. This Practice Note explains the building regulations that provide an exemption for warranty insurance requirements for multi-storey residential buildings… (more).

Special Buildings: Historic Buildings: Building Act: Building Regulations

VIC - HENDRY building surveyors advise that the Building Act 1993 Part 3 ‘Building Permits Division 4 – Special Provisions Section 28: Historic Buildings and Special Buildings’ permits a building surveyor to issue a building permit for non-complying alterations sympathetic to the original building and the like which do not comply with current regulations, but have historic significance. Building Act 1993 part extract of Section 28 follows: 28 Historic… Read more

Building Infringement Notice: Building Regulations 2006

VIC – HENDRY building surveyors advise that a number of clients are issued with a building infringement notice from the municipal building surveyor even when no building works have occurred in their building. There are a number of regulations in the Building Regulations 2006 that allow the municipal building surveyor to issue a building infringement notice even when no building… Read more

Disability Access: Class 2 Parts of Mixed Use Developments above Ground Level

VIC – HENDRY disability access consultants advise that, as of the time of writing, very few Councils in Victoria require applications for town planning permits to be assessed by independent Access Consultants. As a result, there exists the real possibility that, where Access Consultants or Building Surveyors are not consulted before or during the design phase, a development that obtains planning approval… Read more

DDA: Premises Standards: Building Regulations

VIC – HENDRY building surveyors advise that under the Building Regulations building owners and managers should know that the Disability (Access to Premises – Buildings) Standards 2010 known as the Premises Standards made under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA), apply under the building regulations. They applied to every new building project for which an application for a building permit approval is lodged… Read more

Implied Easement: Subdivision Act 1988: Building Regulations

VIC – HENDRY building surveyors advise that Section 12 of the Subdivision Act 1988 imposes implied easement rights over units on a particular plan of subdivision which the Building Regulations and Building Code of Australia must allow for. To invoke this right, the subdivision plan must invoke the Subdivision Act 1988 provisions. An implied easement is important as they relate… Read more

Building Subdivision: Building Regulations 2006: Building Act 1993

VIC - HENDRY building surveyors provide this article for clients who require a background knowledge for the subdivision of a building or land under the building regulation. A building subdivision is based on three main pieces of legislation, the Planning and Environment Act 1987, the Subdivision Act 1988 and Subdivision (Procedures) Regulations 2000. A building subdivision will involve additional requirements together under the… Read more

Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations: Building Regulations

VIC – HENDRY building surveyors remind building owners that on 1 January 2010, the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009 (PHWR) came into effect.  Included in the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009 were important changes concerning the regulation of cooling towers and warm water systems for the control of Legionella which adds to building regulations in Victoria. The Public… Read more

Building Owners: Essential Safety Measures: Building Regulations 2006

VIC – HENDRY Building Surveyors have noticed that for all sorts of reasons building owners find they are unable to comply with the Essential Safety Measures provisions of the Building Regulations 2006. A number of building owners, property managers and occupiers do not appear to be aware of the penalties that can apply for non compliance with the essential safety… Read more